Gap trader


I need something simple but specific as I do have the knowledge to do so:

I would like an expert or an indicator that does this:

I would like mt4 to create for me an excel file where I will find:

all the gaps (only friday-sundays)

price closed on friday

price open on sunday

if the gap opened up I would like the highest price before the price went back to the close on friday and the opposite if the it gapped down

how many hours it took for the gap to close and when did it close.

I will give you an example:

in this file

I will want those values:

september 12 2008 closed at 1.4215

september 15 open at 1.4341

high (before the gap closed) 1.4481 on september 15th at 6:23AM GST

gap closed september 15th at 1h29 PM GST

If you have a question pleas fell free to reply.

Thank you


Volume Delta Indicator - Big Trader

Hi ALL...

My name is Yusuf and I am new member of MT4. Just started using it and found this forum and all the discussions here SUPERB. Recently I came across an idea and thought I must share it here if someone can convert it into a useful indicator.

The idea is to monitor the activities of Big Market Player. Store the values of BUY and SELL Volumes from the Start till the End of a Price Bar. Allow Input Parameters as LOT SIZE. For example an Input of Lot Size 50 would mean to find the difference of Number of BUYS and Number of SELLS with Lot Size equal or greater than 50. This would filter out small traders and give us an indication of what Big Traders are trying to do, Usually this is where the market moves in immediate effect. This can be used as a Scalper System for quick enteries and exits when combined with other triggers. The indicator can furtehr be enhanced as follows.

Instead of defining single Lot Size, try and define different levels at the time of input. Example: Level 1 = Lot Size equal or greater than 50, Level 2 = Lot Size equal or greater than 100, Level 3 = Lot Size equal or greater than 150, Level 4 = Lot Size equal or greater than 200 - Just as an idea. Now try to plot the BUY and SELL Volume differences for the respective lot sizes with the help of DOTS in Indicator Window 2. Interesting point would be to use smaller dot size for lowe levels and larger dot size for higher level. Once plotted on singlae scale in continuity and if used with different color settings, it would give an indication as what Big Traders are doing with respect to Small Players like me in the market. It is clear that most of the time, small players like me are against the market. This indicator may help us to stick to the market or atleast not getting into a wrong trade.

Finally a Smoothed Version of this indicator can be developed separately by applying EMA, JMA or ZeroLagTEMA as an experiment to it and see what signals can be generated.

I use Ninja Trader for my trading needs and started using MT4 for my charting requirements. I started liking MT4 mainly because of the possibilities of the developments and resources available here together with all the good people like you all around here. I am not an expert in programming and therefore seek someone's assistance if at all this idea can be converted into an indicator that can be useful for everyone in this community.

Thanks for your time,

Best regards,



Volume not possible in Forex

I think the volume reported in your metatrader is for your broker. I don't think there is any way to pull volume from interbank trading


counting bars after MA cross


I serch the indicator which show me in the right upper corner (as I am on tf 1H) the nuber of bars from MA crossing (fast and slow) on 5 min timeframe.


Trading news

I have this idea to make trading for News.Un EA that is activated when the square two orders to buy and Sell a distance from the real price of unu tot of PIP. Of course, TP, SL. When l 'EA is disabled manually, terminating all pending orders and all orders executed. Sorry me for my bad English


My EA project needs help

, I have code although it may not be completed, it can make/close trades,. Problem I see is the inputs are not all working. Anyone who is good at coding email me. My EA built around the fisher heiken ashi, though I have modified it, and made a scalping technique that needs to be coded aswell.

Thank you.



a new idea for A future EA

Hi there,

Just joined yesterday and would like to say thank you for all your efforts and being generous.its incredible!

1 hour ago I found an idea for future EA with STEP MA v7 at ForexFactory that is what exactly I had been looking for.

Could help anyone please making an EA out of the following idea ?

I posted same message on another thread but maybe on wrong place so did it again.




Time Frame: 5M. or 1 hour would be better


Step MA v7 - default with step set to 20 & width set to 1

Heiken Ashi - default with color set to red/dodger blue & width set to 1

Stochastic Oscillator - set to 14,3,3 with 20/80 levels & only using the main line

Stop Loss: 20 pips including spread

Take Profit: 20 pips after spread

Trade signal: On the close of a candle


Long - open a contract when the step ma turns from red to blue, stoch signal line closes at or above the 80 level, and heiken ashi candle is blue

Short - open a contract when the step ma turns from blue to red,

stoch signal line closes at or below the 20 level, and heiken ashi candle is red

MM: I am using a step up and down in the contract size for the money mangement. I increase the contract size by 1 after a loss and decrease by 1 after a win.


for all coders

as you all am trying to see where the price is going..and i have an idea now but am in need for an indicator which shows the high and the low for the previous 5 candels on the chart can any genius help please


please guys wheres my original post... the indicator am asking for might at last reviled one of the forex greatest secrets please.. i need an indicator which show the high and the low for previous candles in numbers

please guys wheres my original post... the indicator am asking for might at last reviled one of the forex greatest secrets please.. i need an indicator which show the high and the low for previous candles in numbers

If you want a response to your post you need to ask for and give more details.

Your prevest post ask for 5 bars period of highs lows. By high and low are you talking about the highest high and the lowest low of the past 5 bars? or are you in need of all highs and lows of the past x bars. by numbers are you talking about the price? bid or ask? And what about limitations and user inputs variables. Time frams and currency, how do you want the output to look like..........

people need to give more details in their request for coding help if they expect someone to give up their time. I have seen many times someone ask for code help and when the coder has finished the results are not what the person wanted because the details were unclear to begain with.