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Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

AccountHistory_tsd EA is on this thread


does anyone know why ReportTSD_v3_opentrades displays only the first open trade and not the rest of them?

I have 9 trades open. .

The script posts the closed trades ok.

Too many people requested one indicator that I was using to show the Account equity, unfortunately, that indicator have some proprietary code and the Author don't want to release it.

To overcome this problem I coded something similar based on the BalEq_v1 public Indy.

The end result is almost the same and without using any proprietary code.

Import the TPL file to your Template folder, and the AccountEquityAnalyzer.mq4 to your Indicators folder

Remember to set the StartingDeposit to the starting amount of your account.

The Indy will also take a screenshot each 60 minutes and store it in your files folder

If you want to automatically upload the screenshot to a web server use the EliteFTP EA


Thanks man!

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

Concerning Metatrader 5 ...

Yes, when Metatrader 5 will be announced for public testing so I think we will convert most of elite section EAs to this new platform.

Besides, conversion of the most EAs to be used with ENC/STP brokers were already started. I think - it will be finished by the end of July and after that I (or the authors/coders) will post it. Because as I think - ENC brokers are going to be very popular soon.

Most elite section Eas are already having hedge/non-hedge versions to be used with IBFX for example.

We are continuing to development of new Electra/Alpha EAs using Ichimoku indicator to check/predict the parket condition. It will be finished within 2 weeks (and new versions will be posted with explanation).


I am not fully satisfied with the presentation of the results here ... I am making the statements every weekend for 4 years conistently ... + excel files + more ... it may be good to have something automatically as Metaquotes did for contest with charts, or may be elite section will have some "home" with new RAS webdesing (but I am not sure sorry) ... anyway if someone is having some ideas about it - please send PM to me.

That's all news.


If the EA is running, why not just a FTP statement posted in this thread?

Or "A la", with your own ads and links

Or just post a monthly statement but less automated

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  
Gray Eminence:
If the EA is running, why not just a FTP statement posted in this thread?

Or "A la", with your own ads and links

Or just post a monthly statement but less automated

It is exactly what I am doing for 4 years. But I am doing it weekly. For 4 years

Do you have the other proposal different from what I am doing already here for 4 years weekly?

Or you just promoting your commercial links here?

I am talking seriously trying to find the better way of visualization of the results of the performance of the EAs. Because some of them are performing very good.

In this way using this indicator for example:

What I am doing now for 4 years every weekend:

- statements of the performance of EAs;

- statements in dollars and in pips

- visual statements sometimes;

- all data are placed in excel file for better view.

Weekly every weekend for 4 years consistently.

All the description is here

For my understanding - it is not enough.

It is necessary to have more visualizational statements placed automatically in the way of chart and all the performance statistics for every single EA and every single pair. And in this case only the elite section EAs should be presented in right way.

Because many coders place their good EAs here in elite section as mql4 files and we should present the performance as visually simple as possible.

Because elite section is the service.

I think many elite members will agree with me to find additional way of the results presentation.

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

Because you know ... which EAs are performing very good for June?

- NewsTrader_v1.53 nfp settings;

- Scalp_net_v1.3 with timefilter (performing good consistently);

- Scalp_net_v1.5 with and without timefilter

- Brainwashing 1c for H4 timeframe

- StepMAExpert_v1.45 for GBPUSD for Alpari broker

- TrendEnvelopeExpert_v2.2;

- BrainExpert_v2

- Alpha dll version

- Alpha SRSI settings version

- Alpha PET 1 settings version

- Goldwarrior normal version

- Goldwarrior IBFX broker version

- Goldwarrior with timefilter

- Envelope all the versions (for EURUSD only)

- SBS_v1.21;

- FozzyExpert_v1.2;

- easyLMA_v6.

And I did not mention the pairs ... so multiply by 8 as averaging ... different lot sizes, different brokers, different risk ... some EAs are trading often, some of them - not.

And it is not all of them.

For example: MaChannel did not perform good for June but this EA is performing very good for 6 months already!

Electra Absolute version performed good for May ...

So, multiply by 5 at least ...So, how many EAs/pairs we will have to analyze every week to understand the performance by statements?



Do you know what necessary to do to know about it by very pair and every week?

It is necessary to look at excel files, than unzip/unrar may be 500 files uploaded weekly on elite section ...

For me: it is necessary to spend at least half a day just to understand ... But I am making those statements you know?!

Can you imagine: how much difficulties the other members are having trying to understand about which EA performed good and why and when and what to use and what to do?

They should spend just the DAYS to understand, to zip, to unzip, to unrar and look at excel ...

What I am talking about ...


We need additional performance presentation way or tool in the way of more simple visualization.

As separated section inside elite section.

In the way of "just look and understand everything" without zipping/rarring and unrarring ...

Everything should simple and understandable in the way of KISS ("Keep It Simple and Stupid").

If it is complicated and not very understandable so sorry ...


I am right sorry. We really need some more here than posting the statements.

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

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Sergey Golubev
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Trade Assistant

Sergey Golubev, 2020.01.23 17:29

Percentage of Balance - expert for MetaTrader 5


The EA closes all positions and removes all pending orders based on the following:

  • Close and delete all:% of profit from Balance - percentage of profit from Balance.
  • Close and delete all:% of loss from Balance - percentage of loss from Balance.
  • Start Balance ('<= 0.0' -> off) - the initial balance - if it is less than or equal to '0.0' - then the parameter uses the balance of the trading accoun.

The check is carried out at each tick - as soon as the size of the Trading Account Funds changes by a specified percentage (in "plus" or "sine"), the adviser will begin the process of closing all positions and deleting all pending orders. In this case, no exceptions are made either by symbol or by Magic number. Also, no checks are made on the close location of the stops - the adviser will stubbornly try to complete his task.