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I agrgee....

Would you mind telling me what this request would do to improve your success rate with the CCi?

Secondly, if you do NOT SEE the CCi in realtime, you miss out on the beauty of this incredible indicator, that of impending directional changes and overheating candles, etc.

I suggest you study this indicator in depth before asking for something that will in fact take away a major portion from this indicator.

Don't butcher it - it is excellent the way it is. Get to know it intimately.

I agree to the extent if your looking for ZLR's and other things like that however, I simply want to see the numbers because my trigger is something else other than one cci, if it's positive, blue, negative, red.

If I have 3 cci on one window with different trend periods, I am looking for plus 50 on both "cci's" and then my trigger cci becomes a valid entry.

I have great respect for you Valeo, maybe my thought process in needing this could be wrong, if you like, PM me and I will share my thoughts.

The numbers will tell me it's overheating, and I am looking for solid entry's because I have predetermined exits


How to set CCI EMA 8,12,16 & 20 in 1 window ?

Sir(Mr.Wobbles), could you help telling me how to set the parameter 8,12,16 & 20 in 1 window(4 charts united together just like your scanned example)? I can only use 1 set (1 chart) so the accuracy is doubted. Please give me opinion what to adjust or to tune,sir? What time frame is the best(1min,5 min or else) ? Is there auto trading(Robot) to execute te CCI indicators by itself ? Thanks for attention.

Here's an EMA of CCI values indicator that looks to me like it shows good overbought/sold conditions. I added 4 of the CCI EMA indicators onto the same window and set the CCI period to 8,12,16 and 20. This seems to show more accurate signals. Also you can set the timeframe of the CCI thou this doesnt seem to improve accuracy any. Here's a pic. Will post the indicator if you want it.

Woodies CCI Zero-Line-Reject for MT4

Indicator that signals you of Zero-Line-Reject patterns, indicating a price in which the ZLR pattern is valid.


How To Trade

This indicator is designed to generate fast entries, so it doesn't wait for bar to close. Instead, it paints a blue\red line, which when broken - indicates an entry.

Blue line - indicates long entry.

Red line - indicates short entry.


Click Here to download

Developed by FXCode - Expert Advisors & Custom Indicators Programming - MetaTrader

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

Important CCI Indicator or Indicator Change

Can someone adjust this great mtf woodies double cci

OR create a new indicator that simple does the following:

Enter trend cci and entry cci..will ONLY alert

and draw arrows for the entry level cross

when the trend cci is at least at trend level

in same direction!!!

IE... 34 and 170 cci, 34 cci crosses 100 for example

the long level entry and since the 170 cci is above

50 the trend level entered, this cross signals.

If the 170 cci was below the 50 trend level, or

even worse opposite, ie a negative number

when the 34 cci crosses +100, there would be

no alert and cross arrows drawn.

Only alert when the entry cci crosses its entry

level AND the trend cci is at least at the trend

level entered or higher in the same direction.

Can someone please help!!! Would be widely

loved believe me!



Detrended smooth CCI

Does anybody have a code for detrended CCI as described in tuckereport.

I am using a smooth adaptive T3 CCI by fx sniper using T3 value of 3 so it retains the patterns on CCI but still removes the minor insignificant humps and bumps.

gbp.gif 22 kb

Greetings, how to read i-GentorLSMA&EMA_v.0.2.mq4

The version of SuperWoodiesCCI posted before had a bug related to the coloring of the downtrend buffer. I fixed it.

The SuperWoodiesCCI is better than WCCI because it does the coloring of the bars to indicate the trend is formed as discussed in the pdf.

I also changed the neutral trend color to gray, changed the default inputs to be the same as those in the pdf, and set it to automatically draw the lines at 200, 100, -100, and -200.

Greetings ,

Can some one tell me how to read i-GentorLSMA&EMA_v.0.2.mq4 ?

Thanks in advance

and as the name indicates

I am a rookie

Mladen Rakic
Mladen Rakic  

It is doing something similar to sidewinder


Upper line is showing relative position of Close to a linear regression value (or LSMA). If close is above linear regression value then it is green otherwise it is red

Lower line is showing relative position of Close to exponential moving average (EMA). If close is above EMA then it is blue otherwise it is yellow

Greetings ,

Can some one tell me how to read i-GentorLSMA&EMA_v.0.2.mq4 ?

Thanks in advance

and as the name indicates

I am a rookie

Woodis CCI


i want to know, know anyone here if the cci indicators from woodies will repaint?


I really like the CCI from post 217, but I am unable to find it somewhere on the forum. It should be a smoothed, adaptive CCI by fxsniper using T 3 value of 3. - Hope somebody can help.

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