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2010.10.19 11:53

s-LastPinkEventDate - script for MetaTrader 5

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Published by:
Alexander Piechotta
votes: 20

Since build 344 of the client terminal display of economic calendar news using special graphical objects (OBJ_EVENT) is added.

A script that outputs as a demonstration of the Economic Calendar with current economic data, the date of the last major(Pink) event.



Use the function datetime last_pink_event_date()

//| The function returns the date of the last event                  |
//| marked in pink (economic indicator                               |
//| is less than expected).                                          |
datetime last_pink_event_date()
   string  name="";
   int total=ObjectsTotal(0)-1;

   for(int i=total; i>=0; i --)

      if(ObjectGetInteger(0,name,OBJPROP_TYPE,0)  !=  109) continue; // Object type - Event
      if(ObjectGetInteger(0,name,OBJPROP_COLOR,0) != Pink) continue; // Object color - Pink

      datetime date=(datetime)StringSubstr(name,0,16); // Highlight the event date from the text string

      return(date); //return the date



  • On weekends there there are no data objects on the chart
  • Special graphical objects are present and activated

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