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2009.02.17 07:07

SVOS Multi-Indicator EA - expert for MetaTrader 4

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svos_eurjpy_d1.gif (6.86 KB)
VHF.mq4 (1.45 KB)view

A good example of several techniques - might even make some money as well! I have seen worse commercial EA's - this has a good Profit Factor and has not been blown out by recent market lurches... Its not quite strong enough to sell due to drawdown % and win/loss ratio. Commercial EA's tend to be overtraded by their owners and this leads to trouble if these factors are not allowed for!

Requires the attached VHF indicator.

As always, lets be careful in the Forex.

Very Blonde System Very Blonde System

The Expert waits the price to have a strong fluctuation of x pips in y minutes and then it opens a reverse position with a grid of limits position to reinforce it.


RSI with MA and Label value/phase indicator

FRASMA: Fractally Modified Simple Moving Average FRASMA: Fractally Modified Simple Moving Average

This is a Simple Moving Average (contrary to Ehlers FRAMA that starts from an EMA), smoothed using findings from the fractal analysis of the on-going price changes.

calculatelots calculatelots

some people worked as ib , they used to need to calclute total trade lotes. here it is.