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2006.07.21 17:22
2014.04.21 14:53

The script allows conversion CSV tick data into FXT data format. The corresponding HST file can be created at the same time. The file can be imported into the Client Terminal History Center.

The csv file record must be of the following format:

The FXTHeader must be preliminarily downloaded from the Libraries section.

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Original code:

FXTHeader FXTHeader

Description of the FXT file header, functions of reading and writing of the header.

Fisher org v1 Fisher org v1

Fisher_org_v1 Indicator.

FXTticksCollector FXTticksCollector

Tick Collector in the FXT File

StringArraySuite.mqh StringArraySuite.mqh

Functions for handling two dimensional string arrays. Usefull for prototyping.