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A System: Championship 2008 Final Edit - expert for MetaTrader 4

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2008.11.28 09:49
2014.04.21 14:53
ACB6.MQ4 (54.58 KB)
This code is final implementation of A System: Championship 2008 trade strategy.

1. Advanced position management.
2. Multi-currency.
3. Multi-threads.

Explanations of this code are planned in A System: Code topic.

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This is a technological sample.

You are using this code on your own risk.


Stochastic Net Stochastic Net

Stochastic net for the the classification problems with the instruction provided.

AudioPrice Revision 1 AudioPrice Revision 1

Have audio output of latest price in stereo! Revised to cater for fractional pips as now offered by some brokers to MT4.

RSI_Test RSI_Test

It is based on the RSI indicator.

BarTimer BarTimer

It displays the current time position in relation to the beginning and the end of the bar. In addition the ratio between the time passed since the beginning of the bar and the whole bar duration expressed in percents is given. The informer is useful for c