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IDT trading scripts - script for MetaTrader 4

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2007.11.21 04:34
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There are some scripts in zip archives which could be very usefull in intraday trading. With them you can respond  on market changes very quickly :


These scripts set up values of take profit and stop loss automatically according to predefined values in global variables.

IDT_close_profit_positions - This script closes all profit positions.
IDT_more_profit - This script adds in all profit positions one point to take profit value.
IDT_variables - This script sets up global variables. You need it to run only first time.

IDT_library - Contains all necessary scripts.


How to install :

1) Load IDT_library.ex4 and  IDT_library.mq4 into \experts\libraries directory.

2) Load IDT_library.mqh into \experts\include directory.
3) Load rest of files into \experts\scripts directory.
4) In menu Terminal Settings — Expert Advisors Allow live trading and Allow DLL imports.
5) Run script IDT_variables.
6) Set up hot keys for IDT scripts.
7) Set up global variable according to you wish.

profit = take profit(close position) when price is higher/deeper about profit points
lost=stop loss(close position) when price is higher/deeper about lost points
expiration=pending order expires in .... minutes
maxrisk=maximum risk in % of your account
skip=place pending order about skip value below or above buy/sell price (it is difference between actual and expected future price)


Signal Direction Probability Signal Direction Probability

Graphs correlation between percent change of the price signal, and the price signal, to determine high probability of current price signal direction.

Pivot Pivot

Pivot Point is a turning point for the direction of price movement in a market.

Close Orders Close Orders

Close all multi currency open orders and cancel pending orders according to various scenarios. Slippage for open orders is calculated for each currency. Choose only one scenario per visit, the script processes the first menu item selected.

Risk Advisor Risk Advisor

Risk advisor script based on balance Risk Percent.