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Wilder's Relative Strength Index - indicator for MetaTrader 5

2023.01.22 18:12
2023.01.22 18:15

This indicator implements the “Relative Strength Index (RSI)” developed by John Welles Wilder Jr., as described in his book—New Concepts in Technical Trading Systems [1978].

This indicator uses a revised equation for computational efficiency, but with the same mathematical outcome.

The code uses conditional compilation and will compile on both MQL4 and MQL5. Please note that all my CodeBase publications’ source code are now also available in “Public Projects” tab of MetaEditor under the name “FMIC”.


Wilder's Average True Range (ATR) Wilder's Average True Range (ATR)

An implementation of the original Average True Range indicator by John Welles Wilder Jr. as described in his book—New Concepts in Technical Trading Systems [1978].

CCI + MACD Scalper CCI + MACD Scalper

Strategy that uses the CCI indicator 0-line cross to spot trades and the MACD indicator to confirm them.

MultiCurrency Template MT5 MultiCurrency Template MT5

a Template for Multicurrency system for Metatrader 5

Highest High fetch Highest High fetch

The code defines a function "RangeHighs" that calculates the highest price of a financial instrument within a specified time range (start and end time). The time range is defined by 4 input parameters (hour and minute of start and end time). The highest price is found using the "CopyHigh" function and stored in an array, from which the maximum value is returned.