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Candle Pattern EA /test - expert for MetaTrader 5

Aira MJ

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2021.01.11 22:46
2021.01.12 01:14

This is a simple EA test code I made for adapting Candlepatterns.mqh found at 

It has also another desired translation inside: The news template found at

Although it is not totally translated to MT5 as I am using MT4orders.mqh. Remember you must add MT4orders.mqh inside your include folder. 

You can use it straight away as it works pretty nicely or you can add more indicators. Either way, enjoy.

// CORRECTED. I have also hidden Hanging Man and Hammer because the slight variation may open new trades but you can use it if you uncomment the lines. 

candlepatterns EA test

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    This script is made to close all positions

    shell sort - array sorting algorithm shell sort - array sorting algorithm

    an in-place comparison sort

    MQLUnit - Unit Tests Framework For Complex Expert Advisors MQLUnit - Unit Tests Framework For Complex Expert Advisors

    This unit test frameworks eases the development of unit tests for more complex expert advisor programs. The MQL5 developer can test single components. The test framework starts the strategy tester so that there is test data available if required. I am using the framework to do test driven development (TDD) on my MQL5 programs.