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EA Fibonacci Potential Entry - MT5 - expert for MetaTrader 5

Rodi Chamii

votes: 21
2020.12.23 23:28


The 8 effective steps to build a robust day trading plan using Fibonacci retracement will help us use Fibonacci to locate potential entry points.

Having a trading plan is what differ us from amateurs because professional traders always use their trading plan.


This is the EA that will automatically place all the trades for you and will close them for you. You only need to set the inputs of the EA.


You can check the following video that will explain how to

  • What are the 8 steps to build a robust trading plan based on Fibonacci retracement.
  • Most common mistakes that trades do.
  • Applying the trading plan to search for Fibonacci entry points.


This script has 5 inputs, which are

  • The Price on 50% Level on M5 TF : enter the price
  • The Price on 61% Level on M5 TF : enter the price
  • The Price on 100% Level on M5 TF : enter the price
  • The Second Target on H1 TF : enter the price
  • The Risk in % : enter the % risk on this trading setup


Fib Potential Entry

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