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Classic Moving Averages with colors - indicator for MetaTrader 5

Mike Pascal Plavonil

votes: 18
2020.12.19 17:24

The five classic moving averages are present:

  • Simple moving average
  • Exponential moving average
  • Smoothed moving average
  • Linear weighted moving average
  • Smoothed moving average

The indicator displays a colored moving average.

It has three parameters:

  • Period calculation period
  • Method calculation method
  • Price applied prise used for calculation

This version is faster and code is more flexible and reusable

Moving Averages colored

Technical Indicator Description

Full description of MA is available in the Technical analysis: Moving Averages

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Copy trading has become such a critical feature of forex trading. Some people see this as a potential business opportunity, while for opensource die-hards like me, we believe in giving back to the community rather than putting a price tag on everything 'nice'. So here it comes. A free opensource trade copier, which you are freely allowed to modify and distribute according to MIT license terms. It still has limited features, but the essentials like lot normalization are there. Please note that this copier only works for trading terminals installed on the same machine. Please share back any upgrades, enhancements or bug fixes to the discussion. Enjoy!