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Periodic Range Breakout 2.0 - expert for MetaTrader 5

Mokara Sokara

votes: 20
2020.09.25 21:37
2020.09.26 23:30

This expert has extended features relative to the previous. Please examine the previous one before proceeding. Periodic Range Breakout 1.0 


  • The main purpose of this purely mechanical expert is to make use of statistical and analytical observations to gain insight into how markets work. 
  • Using it for trading could result in financial loss.


  • At the beginning of the period, we'll take the current value of the time-dependent variable which in case ask price of an fx instrument as a reference.
  • Then performing addition and subtraction on this value by user-specified range to obtain high and low breakout levels.
  • If price breaks high level upward buy-stop or sell-limit order will get opened.
  • If price breaks low level downward buy-limit or sell-stop order will get opened.
  • Take-Profit and Stop-Loss levels are determined by taking specific portion of the range in pips.
  • If trade ends with loss, it will get compensate it in the next trade if requested by user by incrementing volume or take-profit level as set.


    • Weekly: take close price of a specific hour of a day of week as reference.
    • Daily: take close price of a specific hour of any day as reference.
    • NonStop: take current price immediately as reference, if there isn't any trade opened.
    • ATR: user-specified percentage of ATR(20).
    • Percent: user-specified percentage of current price.
    • Fixed: constant user-specified pips.
    • Stop: if high breaks open buy, if low breaks open sell.
    • Limit: if high breaks open sell, if low breaks open buy.
    • Random: randomly select orders. doesn't work in tester mode. 
    • Range Percentage: percentage of calculated range used to evaluate take-profit and stop-loss.
    • Take-Profit Percentage: take-profit in pips as percentage of derived range.
    • Stop-Loss Percentage:  stop-loss in pips as percentage of derived range.
    • Constant: never increment volume after loss.
    • Linear: multiply volume by linearly incremented coefficients after loss. (1, 2, 3, 4, ...)
    • Martingale: multiply volume by a number between 1 and 2 after loss.
    • Fibonacci: increment volume as fibonacci sequence after loss. (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, ...)
    • Margin Percentage: how much of free margin will be used in trade initally or trade after winning trade.
    • Lot Multiplier: multiplier used in martingale mode.
    • Range Multiplier: multiplier used to increment take profit level after each loss. this was based on an assumption that previous loss increases the interval of success.


  • Profit and Loss counts are highly dependent on the selection of take-profit and stop-loss ratios. if these ratios converges counts are converges also and vice versa.
  • Lower take-profit ratio relative to stop-loss increases chance of success in short term, but rare cases like consecutive losses greater than expected crashes equity. randomizing will reduce the probability of encountering these types of risk.

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