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2011.01.05 11:10
2016.11.22 07:32
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Comment from MQL5 Forum:

It uses the knowledge about the M1 OHLC tick generation algorithm in Strategy Tester of MetaTrader 5: If the price began to decrease after the new bar opening, it is guaranteed that it will increase in the next price change and vice versa.

Attention: The "Open prices only" and "1 minute OHLC" modes of Strategy Tester can be used ONLY for rough and fast estimation of strategy performance.

The Expert Advisor is profitable only if the "Open prices" only or "1 minute OHLC" modes used in Strategy Tester.

With constant volume=0.1 Lot

With enabled Money Management (RISK parameter)

It uses the possibility to read the OHLC ticks (using onTimer event), generated by Startegy Tester in "Open prices only" and "1 minute OHLC".

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Original code:

OptimReport v2.15 OptimReport v2.15

If you want to optimize your Expert Advisor using your own characteristics, you can use "Custom max" mode via OnTester() function. This code provides you many characteristics, which can be used during the optimization of your EA. Also it allows you to save the optimized charateristics in HTML file.

iUSDx (USD index) Multicurrency Indicator iUSDx (USD index) Multicurrency Indicator

The iUSDx indicator uses the "MCM Control Panel" for multicurrency mode. It calculates the USD index.

ZigzagColor_Channel ZigzagColor_Channel

The ZigzagColor_Channel plots a channel by connecting the ZigZag peaks and ZigZag bottoms.

Linear Regression Channel Linear Regression Channel

The indicator plots a channel using the linear regression model: y=b+a*x.