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One order every second - expert for MetaTrader 4

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2021.12.17 11:23

It may sound very easy to write a code which places one order every second. 

However, that are various practical difficulties that come across. 

The attached code ensures that only one order is placed in one second. 

The code also ensures that one order must be placed every second. So no second is skipped.

    Time of an Object Time of an Object

    This code help you get the time of an object created on a chart.

    DPI Alert EA DPI Alert EA

    This EA will tell you the Depth Per Inch of your screen.

    Custom sound on Alert Custom sound on Alert

    This code will give custom sound on alert on new bar.

    One click close One click close

    The code is used to demonstrate how one can create a button on the chart and assign a function to it. The code is used to delete all orders after clicking on the button. The deletion takes care of various scenarios and shows error messages.