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chkOnlineStatus - indicator for MetaTrader 4

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2017.11.20 08:52
2017.11.29 09:41

chkOnlineStatus shows the three relevant items of the online status of the terminal:

  1. prev_calculated: Sometimes the terminal sets prev_calculated to zero and forces an indicator to re-calculate the complete history.
  2. ping: The ping changes, which might be caused by a switch to a different server.
  3. connected: Shows the connections status.

Is send you an email if for a longer period (MinutesWaitMail) the server seems to be unavailable.

prev_calculate set to zero again and again might become important if you want to code an indicator on OOP base. A (re-) declaration of all the classes might take quite some time and can cause a warning: "Your indicator is to slow..."

The setup window offers you:

  1. TimerMillSeconds: Number of milliseconds for OnTimer(), minimum is 100 mSec.
  2. SchowOnChart: Shows the actual and previous status as comment on the chart.
  3. PrintToLog: Prints a change of a status to the expert log.
  4. MinutesWaitMail: Minutes to wait until an email is send. If the connection to the internet is broken, the email is stored (without an error) and sent right after the connection is available again.


If the indicator show the status on the chart you will see:


Each item of the status can use 6 lines ([0..5]). The latest entry is always in top of its group. Here you can see that for prev_calculated the latest and actual entry has the highest number of rets_total: 2'048. This shows you as well that the mt4 several times sets prev_calculated to zero until the available history is loaded.

You can start it beside other indicators or together with an EA. In this case you should better de-activate the comments.

You need only ONE for each terminal (I guess).

I hope it helps you!

Translated from German by MetaQuotes Software Corp.
Original article:

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