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A Really Random Robot - expert for MetaTrader 5

Published by:
Jim Hunt
2010.08.10 09:58
2016.11.22 07:32
gurooex01.mq5 (9.63 KB) view
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Real author:

This Expert Advisor is an object-oriented MQL5 version of the Trading Gurus MQL4 random entry Expert Advisor.

This Expert Advisor is best used on the one minute timeframe. Try it on any and all currency pairs.

It uses a random number generator to simulate simply tossing a coin to decide on the direction of each trade. It stays in the market 100% of the time. It provides an example of a minimal Expert Advisor programmed in an object-oriented style, based on a framework designed to facilitate the creation of more complex robots. It also provides a basis for quantifying the value added by alternative, more complex, methods of entry.

It can be surprisingly profitable!

Input settings:

  • Magic - Magic number to make your broker think you have a profitable robot to hide! Default = 12345
  • Slippage - Acceptable slippage on a market order. Default = 30
  • ProfitTarget - Fixed profit target. Default = 1000
  • StopLoss - Fixed stop-loss. Default = 3000
  • Lots - Fixed trade size. Default = 0.1
  • ReallyRandom - If true, then every backtest run should see a different sequence of simulated tosses of the coin. If false, every backtest run should see exactly the same sequence of simulated coin tosses. Default = true

The pip based settings should each be divided by 10 if your broker only quotes to 4 decimal places.

A Really Random Robot

Strategy Tester Report
MetaQuotes-Demo (Build 305)

Expert: GurooEx01
Symbol: EURUSD
Period: M1 (2010.01.03 - 2010.08.10)
Inputs: Magic=12345





Broker: MetaQuotes Software Corp.
Currency: USD
Initial Deposit: 3 000.00

Bars: 219207 Ticks: 868201
Total Net Profit: 1 586.38 Gross Profit: 4 565.56 Gross Loss: -2 979.18
Profit Factor: 1.53 Expected Payoff: 28.33
Recovery Factor: 2.07 Sharpe Ratio: 0.18

Balance Drawdown:
Balance Drawdown Absolute: 566.12 Balance Drawdown Maximal: 663.72 (21.43%) Balance Drawdown Relative: 21.43% (663.72)
Equity Drawdown:
Equity Drawdown Absolute: 650.60 Equity Drawdown Maximal: 767.30 (24.62%) Equity Drawdown Relative: 24.62% (767.30)

Total Trades: 56 Short Trades (won %): 22 (90.91%) Long Trades (won %): 34 (76.47%)
Total Deals: 112 Profit Trades (% of total): 46 (82.14%) Loss Trades (% of total): 10 (17.86%)

Largest profit trade: 105.64 Largest Loss Trades (% of total): -303.15

Average profit trade: 99.25 Average Loss Trades (% of total): -297.92

Maximum consecutive wins ($): 9 (903.33) Maximum consecutive losses ($): 2 (-599.78)

Maximal consecutive profit (count): 903.33 (9) Maximal consecutive loss (count): -599.78 (2)

Average consecutive wins: 5 Average consecutive losses: 1


  • For some theoretical background see this thread on the Trading Gurus Community
  • Wealth Warning! This expert is for educational purposes only.
  • It should NEVER be used on a live account.
  • Past performance is in no way indicative of future results!
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