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Unfortunately, Fibonacci Pivot Points is unavailable

The code has been removed. However, the huge code base still remains at your disposal allowing you to find a suitable code.

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Chaos zone Chaos zone

Chaos zone indicator that is a combination of two Bill Williams' indicators: Accelerator Oscillator and Awesome Oscillator.

EMA levels EMA levels

Instead of being in a hurry to follow the price with the stop loss, this indicator is adjusting a proposed stop loss only when it notices a trend change in the opposite direction. That way, it keeps the level intact while trending, and adjusts it when it "sees" that there is a possible trend change) and gives bigger "room" for an order to survive possible whipsaws in trends. Also, since it is estimating a trend, this indicator displays the periods when there is a trend in different color(s) in order to make it easier to decided what to do.

DSL - extended stochastic DSL - extended stochastic

The usual average that is used for stochastic calculation is simple Moving Average (SMA). This (extended) version allows you to use any of the 4 basic types of averages (default is SMA, but you can use EMA, SMMA or LWMA too) - some are "faster" then the default version (like EMA and LWMA versions) and SMMA is a bit "slower", but this way you can fine tune the "speed" to signals ratio.

DSL - stochastic DSL - stochastic

The DSL (Discontinued Signal Line) version of Stochastic does not use a moving average in a classical way for signals, but is instead calculating the signal lines depending on the value(s) of the stochastic. Thus, we are having two things : a signal line and a sort of levels that can be used for overbought and oversold estimation.


The DSL version of Williams' Percent Range does not use fixed levels for oversold and overbought levels, but is having a sort of dynamic (discontinued signal lines) calculated to identify those levels. That makes it a bit more responsive to market changes and volatile markets.

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