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2017.01.18 09:02

The script switches all opened charts at a certain interval.

Version 1.02:

Now it is possible to bring on top only the charts of a certain symbol. For example, if you specify "EURUSD", the charts that have the "EURUSD" symbol will be displayed alternately. And if the symbol name is deleted in the input parameters, then all charts will be displayed alternately.

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Original code:

BoDi BoDi

The Standard Deviation indicator implemented in the form of a color histogram.


Moving average wing averaging of the linear combination of the input price timeseries.

Stat Stat

The script displays the brief statistics for trading on the instrument over the specified period - the number of deals, profit, profit factor.

Interchange Interchange

Class for exchanging data between programs. It allows to pass structures of arbitrary size via the global variables of the terminal from one program to another.