How To Return The Commission ?

How To Return The Commission ?

2 June 2023, 09:37
Anton Kondratev

Good afternoon !

We all know that Brokers make huge profits and commissions that we all pay for processing transactions.

Many are used to it and do not even pay attention. It's just your profit that you give to the broker for free.

It is rather problematic to find a good and accurate broker with low spreads and commissions.

Usually if the spreads are very low, in this case the commission will be high!

Many brokers manipulate spreads and can significantly increase it up to 150 points, in fact, this is equivalent to $150 per 1 lot!

Therefore, it is always better to use a broker with low and even zero spreads and pay a fixed commission of $4-7 per lot!

You can return your commission back to your account!

May 17 We contacted ICMarkets broker and accepted special conditions for all our users!

Now you can reduce the commission for your accounts by 20-35%!

All this money will be returned back to your account!

This is done so that you can receive even more profit in the form of a commission refund!

All this commission will be returned back to your account!

Just use this link to register

If you are already using ICMarkets, we can also connect you to this program.

You can also reduce all your commissions with ICMarkets,

even if you have already registered with ICM before

even if you are already using someone else's IB

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