SFS Safe FX Scalping EA Most Asked Question by Cleints

13 March 2023, 13:31
Sydashrf Syf Aldyn Almrshdy

Frequntly Asked Quwstions

About My SFS Safe Scalping EA

You get my EA here >> Safe FX Scalping EA
1- Does this bot go well with Gold, GBPJPY and indices?

  Answer: Safe FX Scalping EA can work with any pair, but the best proforming pairs are EURUSD, USDJPY, why? becasue of low spread and high liquidaty 

2- Which account is best for the EA?
Answer: You need an ECN/Raw account, cannot work on Standard account. 
It is crucial to monitor the slippage of your broker to optimize your trading results. It is equally essential to acknowledge the significance of the spread 
and consider using a zero spread or low spread account. In the case of prop firms, FTMO, THE5ERS, and MFF are notable for offering acceptable spreads, 
with THE5ERS mostly providing zero spreads.

3- Is the Safe FX Scalping EA well suited for people who want to earn money and not having funded accounts? 
Answer :he great news is that the EA will work well with any broker, whether a prop firm or not, as long as the broker offers low spread and fast execution. So, all you need to do is make sure your broker meets these conditions and you're good to go!

4- Why My Ea Is Not Trailing SL?
Answer:When it comes to the trailing stop loss feature of Safe FX Scalping EA , you can always find the results in the Expert tab. If there is an error, it will be clearly indicated there. 
if you're facing issues with the trailing stop, the main reason could be due to your broker having a high spread and/or stop level. I have attached a photo below for your reference. 
It's important to note that your broker may not disclose this information, so it's advisable to check or ask them through the online chat .
in this example the broker is stealing 180 points from my client, and the stop loss is smaller than that, hence not valid SL

Broker Spread and stop level

Other reason why you might be having an isue with Trailing is?

A stable internet connection is crucial for successful trading. If your computer is connected via wifi or if you experience internet connectivity issues it will negatively affect your trading,

it is highly recommended to consider using a VPS. Feel free to send me a direct message if you would like a recommendation.

6-Does Safe FX Scalping EA trade daily?

AnswerCertainly. SFS Safe FX Scalping EA has the ability to place Buy stop and Sell stop trades on a daily basis, although whether or not these trades get triggered is dependent on the movement

of the market. The frequency of trades being executed also varies depending on whether you are trading in a lower or higher time frame.

7- One thing I have noticed is the Maximal consecutive loss (count) is 2881.68 from 1 loss. How can that occur if my stop loss would lose 1k max?

Answer:  this is a very good question, the reason is because of slippage during the news event, you might lose more than intended and you might win more than you set the EA, good broker will show this in the backtest, that's why i always recommend to trade with good broker with fast execution, i remember one with Xm i set my sl to 1% and i lost 5% while other trades closed for profit on FTMO and IC market i stopped using them  after that

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