OPENEA / Sup 9 Martingale / Draw a bow

OPENEA / Sup 9 Martingale / Draw a bow

17 February 2023, 16:52
Inrexea Limited
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Hello traders, This is Huson Chow and Joanne Yip from Hong Kong we have been developing all InrexEA trading products since 2016. We explored many various types of techniques, some are excellent but many of them failed and exposed us to many different kinds of mistakes.

Our spirit is keeping trial and error to create our products growing better and better, eventually, we have found that only data from MT systems from many different brokers are not reliable, therefore most successful approaches are connected to our database to acquire trends to trade. I hope you can remain and support us as usual, your support is the only thing to provide us drive to find deeper and deeper from trading.

Have an excellent trade!

Project OEPNEA

We continuously learn how to create the next generation of trading systems, and how to effectively use past trading data to make trading smarter and more trustworthy. In this market, there is no doubt that many novice traders, as well as those with many years of trading experience, will face something that cannot be avoided - emotions.

Simulating the brain of successful traders seems feasible in ChatGPT, which is released by OpenAI. Therefore, through continuous research and development with ChatGPT-3, we have developed OpenEA and established a machine learning module that makes past trading strategies based solely on certain indicators more comprehensive.

We expect OpenEA to provide a satisfactory trading outcome for most EA traders.


Users must connect to our Neural Network system through Web request to receive more accurate signals. By using our signals, we can respond to unpredictable future price fluctuations in a more flexible manner, not solely relying on past data. This will ensure that trading becomes double-protected.

Extra Calculation:

  • All broker quotes
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Heat maps
  • Swap rates
  • News filters
  • Data mining for news  24/7 and breaking news ( )

Resource we used:

MyFXBook is a popular online platform for forex traders that provides a range of tools and services to help traders manage their portfolios, track their performance, and analyze the markets. The MyFXBook API allows developers to access the platform's data and functionality, enabling them to build custom applications and integrations that leverage MyFXBook's data and services. The API provides access to a wide range of data, including account information, trading history, and market data, as well as the ability to execute trades and manage orders. With the MyFXBook API, developers can create custom solutions that can help traders make more informed decisions, automate their trading processes, and more.

OpenAI can help developers create a trading robot by providing access to advanced AI technologies and models, such as machine learning and natural language processing. These technologies can be used to analyze vast amounts of market data, including prices, volumes, news, and other relevant information, to make predictions about future market movements.

The OpenAI platform also includes pre-trained models, such as GPT-3, that can be fine-tuned for specific use cases, such as sentiment analysis or language-based trading signals. This can save developers significant time and effort compared to building these models from scratch.

In addition, OpenAI provides an API and development tools that make it easy for developers to integrate AI technologies into their trading robots. This includes access to a wide range of data sources, as well as the ability to execute trades and manage orders.

By leveraging OpenAI's advanced AI technologies and development tools, developers can create trading robots that are more accurate, efficient, and flexible than traditional systems. These robots can analyze market data in real-time, respond to changing market conditions, and execute trades based on a sophisticated set of rules and algorithms.

Overall, OpenAI provides a powerful platform for developers who want to create trading robots that leverage the latest in AI technology. Whether you're building a simple system for personal use or a complex trading platform for institutional clients, OpenAI has the tools and technologies you need to achieve your goals.

The development concept:

Past trading strategies have become outdated and only consider one dimension, leading to limited long-term profitability. The new generation of trading strategies focuses on finding similar rhythms through different dimensions of past data to identify the most similar and successful trading module. In the near future, we will optimize other currencies and dynamic profit conditions, such as take profit and stop loss, to make trading even more effective.

The development concept is to find the most successful and similar trading modules through multiple dimensions of past data, as opposed to relying on outdated single-dimensional strategies. This new generation of trading strategies will also optimize other currencies and dynamic profit conditions to enhance the effectiveness of trading.

Potential profitability:

The trading robot has been in operation over the past five years, from 2018 to 2023. During this period, the robot has demonstrated exceptional performance, with a Profit Factor of 145.16. This indicates that for every dollar invested, the robot generated $145.16 in profits.

Additionally, the Drawdown during this period was only 2.64%, which is relatively low compared to other trading systems. This low drawdown is a positive sign of the stability and consistency of the trading robot's performance, and is a good indicator of its ability to manage risk effectively.

In conclusion, the trading robot has shown impressive results over the past five years, with a high Profit Factor and low Drawdown. These results demonstrate the effectiveness and reliability of the robot and its ability to generate consistent profits for traders.

Save cost from data feed:

The price of our service is relatively high due to the complex structure of openEA projects and the associated costs of accessing data from OpenAI. To mitigate long-term costs for our clients, we have implemented a rental model starting from April 21st, which is now the only option available for new users. However, those who have already purchased a lifetime license will not be affected by this change. Our database connects to OpenAI, analyzes market trends, and enables us to maintain our service without clients needing direct access to This approach ensures efficient and cost-effective access to valuable data insights for our users.



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