The holy grail doesn’t exist but Ice Scalper Pro, the Simple and Perfect Automated Scalping Robot ?

The holy grail doesn’t exist but Ice Scalper Pro, the Simple and Perfect Automated Scalping Robot ?

4 February 2023, 09:55
Benbyaanda Silvere Henri Sedric Kabore

The little story

Working as a portfolio manager and passionate about programming and finance I decided to combine my two passions and create a strategy that would allow me to passively monetize my investments. So, I looked for the best strategy to achieve this result. Working in the financial sector, it was obvious that the holy grail does not exist, but I had to find a strategy that was easy to apply and profitable for a long period of time. From my experience, I knew that stock market fluctuations strongly depend on the support and resistance zones as the pure technicians say. Indeed, these are the price zones where most of the investors' buy or sell orders are accumulated. After having deepened my knowledge on the subject I reviewed the strategies that could take advantage of these areas. I was particularly impressed by one that was simple to understand and offered returns of over 600% over very long periods of time.

This is how the Ice Scalper project came into being, and I was quickly impressed by the results of the tests carried out on the EUR-USD. Being aware that the results of the backtests are often not a reflection of the real trading conditions I decided to make my robot free in order to allow other people to test it and together to reach a finalized version. So I published the robot for free on the market :

This period was very beneficial for the robot because the testers shared with me some small bugs which was fixed. So this free trial period has been welcomed by most of the testers as witness the gains made over the last two months. Having now solved all the bugs and being convinced of the potential of this robot I decided to make this robot paying by publishing the pro version that you can find here:

The Strategy

If you are a forex, index or crypto-currency trader, you know how difficult it can be to make consistent profits in this ever-changing market. That's why many traders are turning to the use of trading robots to help them maximize their gains and minimize their risk. Ice Scalper is one such robot, designed to use an simple but effective trading strategy to help you achieve your trading goals.

Ice Scalper is one of the latest innovation in the world of automated trading and is designed to help traders achieve their financial goals. It uses a combination of advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence to analyze market conditions and execute trades in real-time. With its highly effective breakout strategy, the robot can detect changes in the market trend quickly and respond accordingly. This allows traders to capitalize on market movements and make profitable trades.

Ice Scalper's advanced money management features ensure that trades are executed in a controlled and risk-averse manner. The probabilistic analysis provides traders with a deeper understanding of market conditions and helps to identify potential opportunities for profitable trades. Using artificial intelligence and probabilistic approaches allows the EA to analyze vast amounts of data and make predictions with high accuracy, providing traders with a powerful tool that can also help The robot to minimize the risk of loss and maximize profits.

Ice Scalper executes trades using pending orders that are automatically triggered once the price crosses the indicated levels. This means that traders do not have to constantly monitor the market and can simply let the robot do its job. The pending orders are placed at the level of the previous high for buy orders and at the level of the previous low for sell orders, ensuring that trades are executed at the most advantageous levels.

Ice Scalper is designed to work in both trend and range conditions, making it a versatile solution for traders of all levels. Whether you are an experienced trader or a beginner, Ice Scalper provides you with the tools and techniques you need to achieve success in the market. So why wait? Start using Ice Scalper Pro today and start reaching your financial goals.

The Results

In summary, I created this EA because I believe it can help traders make more informed decisions and be successful in financial markets.

I have dedicated significant effort to back testing, forward testing and tuning of my algorithm to make it performs optimally. With its ability to adapt to changing market conditions, it has proven to be a powerful tool for generating consistent returns (profitable since 2012).

I am aware that no trading strategy in the world can be 100% profitable as no one can predict the future. Also, I believe that a trading strategy to be profitable should not be used by the majority of traders because the gains of some come from the losses of others. That's why I decided not to sell more than 100 copies of Ice Scalper Pro to allow the strategy to last as long as possible and to allow those who bought it early to enjoy their gains.