The Trade Aid Utility is free.

The Trade Aid Utility is free.

3 December 2022, 01:10
Arnold Kurapa


1) User-friendly - No complications and any trader can find it easy to use.

                         - A simple click on a button is all it takes to perform the desired task.

2) Does not affect your chart analysis - Clean and simple.

                                                         - Presentable (uses the least space on the chart).

                                                         - The buttons are transparent (you can see all candlesticks on the buttons).

3) Faster Execution - Once you have set your SL and TP on the input parameters, You will open as many positions with the same levels.

                                  (no need to set other SL or TP levels again, this can save you time).

4) Risk Management - The maximum number of open positions is set to avoid overtrading.

                               - The lot size is calculated automatically based on the account balance.

                               (Account equity can be affected by fundamentals and reversals, the profits are not guaranteed until the position is

                                   closed and secured. Thus, calculating risk using the account balance instead of the account equity is advisable).

5) Profits Security - Automatic break-even and button-click break-even.

                            - Partial close function.

6) One-click close - Close all winning trades.

                           - Close all losing trades.

                           - Close all buy positions.

                           - Close all sell positions.

                           - Close all open positions.

Click the link below for more details about the Trade Aid Utility.

Click the link Below to download the Trade Aid Utility.

After downloading, test the Utility on a demo account first.

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