My Lightning Bolt Trading Strategy plus a whole lot more.

My Lightning Bolt Trading Strategy plus a whole lot more.

27 July 2022, 00:08
The AlgoKing Lightning Bolt Strategy is a trade manager and has multiple indicators built for a complete trading strategy.  Here is a list of indicators built in.


  • Auto drawn Support and Resistance signals
  • Auto drawn RSI Divergence signals
  • Auto drawn Fibonacci Retracement signals with buy and sell entry lines.
  • Lightning Bolt reversal signals.
  • Auto drawn trend lines.

Trade Management

  • Auto take partials at simple moving average targets.
  • Auto take partial and stop losses at Fibonacci retracement levels.  Draw the Fib retracement tool on the chart, double click it and apply Stop Loss and Take Partials.
  • SHIFT-Click to create take partial and stop loss levels. 
  • Auto move stops to break even when first partial is processed.
  • "Protect" button that moves stops to break even.
  • "Take partial" button.
  • Trailing stops.
  • Custom take partial percentages for each take partial and stop loss line.


  • Join the AlgoKing Lightning Bolt Expert Advisor support group:
  • Excellent for Day Trade / Swing Trades / Scalp setups
  • Identifies high probability reversal trade setups using harmonics and price structure
  • Works on all instruments
  • Daily Signals: London and New York Session  
  • Used to pass FTMO and other PROP FIRM challenges, verifications and funded accounts.
  • Live Zoom Calls.
  • Full Chart Breakdowns and Analysis.
  • Live Mentorship!
  • Learn to Earn!
  • With over 100+ members trading LIVE daily using the AlgoKing Lightning Bolt strategy.


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