Global update EasyTradePad v_1.91

Global update EasyTradePad v_1.91

22 November 2020, 20:31
Sergei Lanin

What was done:

1) added the ability to open deals with the calculation of risk in $ directly through the panel

The R% Risk key became clickable and, when pressed, changes to R $.

When setting the risk in $ with an unacceptable size cl in points, the cl font will turn red; on hover, you will see the necessary parameters for specifying this deal.

2) added the ability to fully or partially close orders directly from the chart. Partial closing in% and in lots is available. 

You can set the base values ​​in the global settings.

3) Added line output showing where Stop Out will be located for the current account. It will be very useful for those who want to know exactly what the maximum risk of a price drop they can afford with the current deposit and leverage.

4) When you hover over the risk window, we will see what the maximum risk we can afford with the current deposit and leverage in order to use 100% leverage. However, your broker must provide a fixed leverage.

5) If we set the risk higher than what the current deposit and leverage allows us, then the order open buttons will become gray, and when we hover over them we will see:
- exactly how much margin we need
- what is the maximum allowable lot for the broker
- what is the maximum risk we can set to open the correct deal

6) Increased data entry fields when opening an order, now you can set six-digit values ​​when opening an order, this will be convenient for trading Bitcoin and other instruments with high volatility.

7) When switching between open orders, added the ability to see exactly where and with what parameters the order is located for a given magic number, and you can also see on the panel from which side you opened this order and what values ​​you set when opening (the cell from which you opened this the order will be highlighted with a white background)

8) Added the ability to move and change the SL / TP values ​​directly on the chart after opening, when you move you will always see how the risk / profit for this order will change.

9) When you hover over the order close button, you see the current financial position of the order, the current profit / loss for this order in points, in $, in%.

10) When risk control through the Max_DD function in% of the account, the risk control option for averaging orders - the current line for the selected magic number will be highlighted in red and the text in it will be written in black.

11) Fixed athematic unfolding of a previously collapsed panel when switching TF. Now if you collapsed the panel and switch the time frame, the panel will expand only after you click on its name.

Although the description turned out to be long, take my word for it, it is the use of the panel that has become even easier and clearer, which you will soon see for yourself by updating the panel.

A really great job has been done, so I expect feedback from everyone who used this panel, write reviews, ask in comments.

Best regards,


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