31 January 2020, 19:15
Hamed Dehghani


  • What's Safe Robot EA?

EA (Expert advisor) is trading robot can do automatic trade according to nice technical analysis and manage risk and profit.

  • Witch platforms are suitable for safe robot?

Meta trader4 and Meta trader5

  • How much capital need for start trade?

100$ till x$ we ll suggest 1000$

  • How much % I ll loss if market move against safe robot prediction?

It's adjustable as input and by default is 30%

  • How much profit I can earn per month?

From 20% till 100% of capital.

  • Can I run safe robot on multi symbols?
 Yes its possible but you must take care about risk control. Safe robot calculate each symbol risk separately

  • What symbols are good for safe robot?


  • What time frame is good for safe robot?


  • How does Safe Robot work?

Safe robot use some technical rules to decide about entry. This EA use price velocity, candle formation, RSI, ATR, Moving Average to filter bad signals.

  • Finally this EA use tied take profit for each trade and try to close trade as soon as possible.

  • How long time is average trade age according to back test?

Around 1 hour. But some trade ll close in minutes.

  • How much percent was annual profit of last year by default setting?

Around 500% per year for 2018,2019 on EURUSD/H1

  • Brokers by float spread or fix spread are good for this EA?

Both of them can be good. You must pay attention this EA has tied take profit and try to close trades as soon as possible,  so low spread can help EA. Try to find brokers via low spread.

  • How can i check test results and EA performance ?


  • where can i download Safe Robot ?

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