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Safe Robot MT5

"Safe Robot V1.7" is safe and one of the best full automatic expert advisor for meta trader 5

How Safe Robot decide about entries ?

Safe Robot calculate some parameters according to price movement and also indicators to find out best entry points.

List Of Entry Rules :
  • Movement velocity and market direction
  • Moving average 100 slop and direction
  • Default rsi status
  • Atr level

Safe Robot Can use as Scalper Expert Advisor or trend hunter, it will be relate to input settings. Default setting have adjusted for scalp mode.

If all conditions are OK , EA will open buy(long) or sell(short) position with tied take profit, normally 2 times grater than spread.

Note1 : This EA try to exit and close position in profit as soon as possible, Safe Robot don't like to stay in long time positions. so we used tied take profit.

Note2 :  If Market doesn't hit our tied take profit and go against our position , we must wait for next entry , next entry help this position to close all in profit.

Note3 : Its safe, why ? because in most bad case, we defined specific risk% , by default is 20% of account balance.

Note4 : Smart trailing method designed in this version, this version move stop loss by moving average 21. when we need trailing.

Note5 : It can work on all pairs, all time frames, but i find out H1 and default setting is the best.

Input description

Important Input Parameters and their tasks :

Stop Loss     = 0 : Stop Loss(0 means disable)
Take Profit   = 30 : Take Profit(0 means disable)
Magic Number  123 : Magic Number
Lot Method     = RiskMode : You can choose Fix Lot or Risk Mode
Fix Lot Size     = 0.1 : Fix Lot Size Amount, if you are using Fix Lot Method
Risk Percent in 10pip  = 0.1 : This is Risk % in 10 pip, just work in Risk Mode (Lot Method)
Close Profit = 0.01 : Each Trade or set of trades in one direction will close by 0.01% of account balance profit(tied exit point)
Close Loss Percent = 20 : This is Total Risk, If EA trades loss exceed this % of account balance, EA will close all trades automatically

Equity Connector % = 4 : By This parameter we can jump to next balance level, EA will close all trades automatically when equity will increased 4%.

Trail Mode     = MATrail : Its smart trailing , you can choose method, it can work according to candles (high/Low) or moving 21

Graphic Setting

In graphic setting you can adjust, panel horizontal/vertical position and size, font color, and background color, settings are clear in this section

My Vision :

Always i am thinking to improve safe robot, I am going to make safe trading system and help all traders , they must play safe, i know some traders had bad times when they saw their accounts balance equal 0, ALL OF US KNOW THAT : CALL MARGIN IS THE END OF ANY NOT SAFE AND SYSTEMATIC TRADING STRATEGY.

I hope can make best and safest Forex trading system in the world. Please support me in this way by rent or buy my product.

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Version 1.7 2020.08.18
1. Entry and Exit Logic Improved
2. Money Management improved, in this version RR factor is 2
3. Graphic Design Improved
Version 1.6 2020.01.20
1. Default setting already improved to best optimization setting.
2. Risk mode lot size calculation improved