Harmonic ABCD Wizard - Three basic trading modes. Description of the trading system

17 July 2019, 23:10
Mihail Matkovskij

How to trade

When a pattern appears, the adviser adds buttons to the "Current Patterns" display for manual entry, direct and reverse. This EA functionality allows you to enter the market prematurely, without waiting for the automatic entry on a reversal signal. And in the case of virtual positions, gives the trader complete management of deals. Thus, you can to entry manually on any available reversal signals. If the EA has received an input signal, then a virtual position is opened and the "Entry" and "Entry R" buttons are highlighted in green. This is the most opportune moment to enter. If you press one of these buttons, the virtual position will be replaced by the market one and the EA will accompany it.

Three main trading modes

The choice of trading mode is to configure the parameters nEntriesMax, patternSignals and trades, accordingly.

  1. Auto mode. NEntriesMax: any desired positive number of trades, patternSignals: "Trade ops. Only", trades: "Real only". This mode does not imply manual entry. If, in addition to automated trading, an additional manual entry is needed, then it is recommended to configure the "Hybrid mode".
  2. Hybrid mode. The Expert Advisor can simultaneously open a certain number of trades (set by the nEntriesMax parameter). The remaining parameters are as follows: patternSignals: "All pattern signals" and trades: "Real and virtual". Thus, transactions in the number of nEntriesMax are opened automatically, and the rest of the trader can open at will, after a signal he will receive a notification on the e-mail or mobile device.
  3. Manual mode. The nEntriesMax parameter is 0, patternSignals: "All pattern signals", trades: "Real and virtual". All trades are opened manually after the trader receives the appropriate notifications about signals.

If signal notifications are not used (sendMail, sendNotif, and alert = false), then the automatic and hybrid modes are no different from each other. And, thus, it is possible to distinguish two main modes, these are “Automatic mode” and “Manual mode”.

Thus, in the automatic mode, only signals about opening and tracking real deals will be sent to the e-mail or mobile device, in the hybrid mode all signals will come, in manual mode all signals will also come, but positions will not open automatically. Manual mode allows the trader to make a decision on entry after the appearance of a new pattern in time and entry in the market on time at his own discretion.

Risk Management Modes

Five modes of risk management. These are: static lot, risk set directly in the deposit currency, risk to risk management, risk set as a percentage of free margin, optimal risk calculated by an expert. Parameter is responsible for this mode lotsManagement, which can take one of the values, which in turn includes its risk parameters. What values ​​can take lots Management and what risk management parameters they activate can be viewed in the following table:

Значения lotsManagement Активируемые параметры
"Static lot" volume
"Risk in deposit currency" riskIDC
"Lot by RM" percRisk
"Lot by equity" percEquity
"Optimal risk" Optimal Lots Mode
  • riskMin
  • profitReduced 
  • kDR

A more detailed description of the parameters of the EA can be found here: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/39404

Sending notification to email and mobile device

Harmohic ABCD Wizard is equipped with the functions of sending notifications of signals to e-mail and mobile device. In the settings a trader can choose which signals he wants to receive. the choice is made with the help of two parameters patternSignals and trades. If you set patternSignals to "All pattern signals", then all pattern signals will be sent in notifications, such as "Signal about the appearance of a new pattern", "Time end wait of entry signal", etc. If patternSignals is equal to "Trade ops. Only", then only trading operations signals will be sent. The trades parameter has the values ​​"Real and virtual" and "Real only", which sets the sending of signals for all transactions or only signals for real transactions, respectively. Thus, you can select different trading modes.

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