Download Our Free Traders Checklist

23 May 2019, 05:22
John Ewing

Download our Free Trading Checklist to help you become a better, error free trader.

By using this "Old School" printed Tool you will be making sure that you have covered all your bases and are going to

truly make the trade you want.

This simple sheet helps you to reconfirm that you have "ticked" all the boxes in your strategy and are ready to open the trade you truly want.

It also allows you to keep an on hand visual record of your action.

The Sheet Features Are;

Date - Trade Date

Symbol - Enter the Currency/Metal/Stock symbol

TC - Tick off that you are on your Regular or "Expected" Strategies Time Chart

IN1 To IN4 - 4 Check Boxes to make sure you have confirmed your Technical Indicators

EXT - Are there any Fundamental factors that could seriously affect your decision in the immediate time frame

Open Price - Enter opening Trade price

Close Price - Enter Closing Trade Price

P & L - Enter your Profits ( We know you won't have any losses! )

Close Date - Enter the Date you close the trade.

Click The Link To Download... WindStarChecklist

Hopefully this helps you develop a system/strategy and slows you down before rushing into Trades.

Enjoy..and Happy Trading!!

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