BRiCK MT4 CI user manual

12 June 2018, 10:43
Yutaka Yokouchi

BRiCK MT4 CI user manual


Available technical indicator:

This section explains the specification of BRiCK.

1.1. Analysis target

  • Symbol
    Analyze against the current Symbol of the chart with BRiCK inserted. Analyze with EURUSD when inserted in the EURUSD chart, USD JPY if inserted in the USDJPY.
  • Timeframe
    Analyze against the current Timeframe of the chart with BRiCK inserted. When Timeframe is changed, the signal is initialized.
  • Basebar
    Analyze based on the previous bar in the current bar. Since it is not analysis in the current bar, the signal does not disappear with price change.
  • Technical Indicator
    All technical indicators inserted on the chart are subject to analysis.
    Please see here for the technical indicators used by BRiCK.

1.2. Signal type
 : Individual signal BUY.
: Individual signal SELL.

  • Integrate signal
    This is the signal output by BRiCK inserted on the chart, applicable to the order signal.
    After appearance it is not deleted except signal initialization.
  •    : Integrate signal BUY. When individual signal BUY appears for all the inserted technical indicators.

       : Integrate signal SELL. When individual signal SELL appears for all the inserted technical indicators.

1.3. Specification of order  

Custom Indicator has no function of order so it is not explained.

This section explains the procedure for executing BRiCK in real time. I divided it into 3 steps, but in fact it ends only with 2 steps.

[Step1] Insert technical indicators
[Step2] Insert BRiCK

[Step3] Wait for signal appearance

2.1. [Step1] Insert technical indicators

Open the Navigator (Ctrl + N) and select the technical indicators you want to analyze, insert it on the chart, and setting the parameters. Any number of indicators in the red frame can be used.

Please see here for parameters of customizable indicator.
After inserting the indicator and input the parameters, if you save the chart as a template, setting will be easier from next time.

2.2. [Step2] Insert BRiCK

Insert BRiCK on chart, and setting parameter. For details of the parameters, please see 3.Parameter.

2.3. [Step3] Wait for signal appearance

Wait until the integrate signal appears. There are two ways to judge a signal.

  • Judgment by arrow object
    When a signal appears on all the indicators inserted on the chart, the arrow object of integrate signal is output one before the current bar.

  • Judgment by comment
    The information of the current individual signal and the integrated signal is displayed as a comment in the upper left of the chart. The characters on the first and second lines are how many SELL and BUY individual signals are appearing and are represented by "Number of individual signals that are currently appearing / Number of inserted technical indicators". The characters in the fourth line are what kind of integrate signal is currently appearing.

This section explains the parameters of the BRiCK.

This is a parameter related to signal output.

VariableData typeRange valueDescription 
 PermitBars Unsigned integer 1 ~ 3999 Effective range of Individual signal.
 Sound Enumeration ON, OFF Play sound when integrate signal appear.

  • What is PermitBars?
    The parameters of BRiCK include "PermitBars" that takes into consideration the signal appearance delay of each technical indicators. As an example of the image below, if PermitBars is 1, only SELL individual signals will appear, but if you set to 3, individual signals of BUY will appear in addition to the individual signals of SELL. Increasing PermitBars is expected to increase the frequency of integrated signal appearance, but too large will reduce the authenticity of the signal.

3.2. Order

Custom Indicator has no function of order so it is not explained.

3.3. Tester

It is a parameter to use when verifying with the strategy tester, it is not used when executing in real time.
Please see here for the verification by the tester.

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