MAJOR PAIR weekly analysis 2018-05-w4 (technical side)

27 May 2018, 17:27
oleksandr bilokon
Last week the pair started with the mark (Open 1.17703; gap +5) with the test S1W1 before (17176) and the height up (High 1.18288). Further downgrades formed a down trend (down H4), which became a precondition for further developments. Further, the course breaks the calculated levels of pwttrmya: 1-degree - breakdown S1W1 to S2W1; 2-step - Correction return movement to S1W1 and breakdown below S2W1 to (Low 1.16540) and close the week (Close 1.16600).

The last week started with the mark (Open = Low 0.99746; gap +1) with the test of key resistance levels up to (High 1.00004) with subsequent breakdown (S1W1 / S2W1) to (S3W1), correction above (S1W1) and repeat breakdowns to (Low 0.98848) . Then there was another correction to (S2W1) and decrease with closing of the week (Close 0.99018).

The last week started with the mark (Open 1.34741; gap +30) with further breakdowns below (S1W1) to (S1W2), correction to (High 1.34903) and gradual breakdown (S2W1 / S3W1), to (Low 1.32926) with closure of the week (Close 1.32966).

The last week started with the mark (Open 110.858; gap +98) with breakdown attempt (R1W1) to (High 111.386); Further downgrades to the key levels and (S1W1) were suspended by the test (S2W1) to (low 108.945) and the correction rate with closure of the week (Close 109.468).
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