Ephemeral hunter

Ephemeral hunter

19 January 2018, 16:38
Vasiliy Pushkaryov

Here I will present the monitoring of the advisor Ephemeral Hunter.

The first signal Demo FFS works since May. In the advisor in the summer there was an error when it opened a lot of transactions. Transactions were closed by the script with a minimum profit, so at first there is a straight line of equity. The error was fixed. Since November, the second pair - USDJPY has been connected.

When I chose the best options for trading after optimizing the advisor, I noticed that it is difficult to lose a deposit of 50,000. A two-fold increase in the deposit takes place approximately 3-4 months on one currency pair. As an example, below is a demo account for 50 000 launched in November 2017, it uses a trade without a filter, i.e. orders are always in the market. The account works only with two currency pairs, EURUSD and USDJPY.

Ephemeral Demo Filter Off  - 50,000

After optimization, the selected parameters can still good profitability for a long time. The attachment contains the set-files, which are currently used on Ephemeral Demo Filter Off.

February 13, 2018, the deposit is doubled. From this day in the adviser's settings, a lot and a maximum lot limit are doubled.

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