(08 JANUARY 2018)EUR / CHF:Slow increase.

(08 JANUARY 2018)EUR / CHF:Slow increase.

8 January 2018, 13:28
Jiming Huang


Slow increase.

(Yann Quelenn)

• EUR/CHF is trading slightly higher. Hourly

resistance is given at 1.1778 (25/12/2017 high).

Expected to show continued short-term increase.

• In the longer term, the technical structure has

reversed. Strong resistance is given at 1.20 (level

before the unpeg). Yet, the ECB's QE

programme is likely to cause persistent selling

pressures on the euro, which should weigh on

EUR/CHF. Supports can be found at 1.0184

(28/01/2015 low) and 1.0082 (27/01/2015 low)

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