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2 October 2017, 06:48
Sharif Sajir

After the speech of EUR / USD Yellen last week, the dollar went up from the previous 5 weeks' prize. Meanwhile, after the German elections and ECB's statement, EUR was under a lot of pressure. The EUR / USD pair ends at 1.1814, which means it goes down 0.0133 or (- 1.11%) points. Give this week's support, resistance and pivot point for EUR / USD pair, for your convenience. In addition to this week, there is some important news that changes the market trends and for the massive movement. So while trading this week, along with Support, Resistance and Pivot Point, keep an eye on these news items carefully. 

RBA Rate Decision on Tuesday at 4:30 GMT 

US ADP Employment on Wednesday at 11:25 GMT 

US Trade Balance on Thursday at 13:30 GMT

US Non-Farm Payrolls on Friday at 13:30 GMT

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