Litecoin - intro

Litecoin - intro

14 July 2017, 05:55

Litecoin – despite the name “Lite”, this digital currency is far from being “Lite”, with more than $2B in market cap, rank fourth in Cryptocurrency chart by aforementioned criteria, after Bitcoin, Ethereum (being available for trading, along with Litecoin against USD and EUR) and Ripple.

Let’s look at the evolution: In March this year, 1 Litecoin worth about $4. Four months later, in the beginning of July, the price of the currency reached a staggering $53.60. That is more than 1300% rally! Impressive… But what is more impressive is that despite the fact that other top cryptocurrencies appear to have difficulties (we discussed about Ethereum in the past 2 days), Litecoin shows strength. Faster payment confirmations compared with Bitcoin is just one of the examples. Another one is the fact that Litecoin value is lower than Bitcoin and the number of total Litecoins is higher than Bitcoin (but still limited, compared with Ethereum, which is unlimited).

All these factors point out to a single conclusion: Litecoin is “hot” and you can trade it now!

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