(12 JUNE 2017)EUR / JPY:Fading momentum.

(12 JUNE 2017)EUR / JPY:Fading momentum.

12 June 2017, 14:33
Jiming Huang


Fading momentum.

• EUR/JPY is trading lower. Hourly support is 

given at 122.56 (18/05/2017 low). Hourly 

resistance can be found at 125.82 (16/05/2017 

high). Major support is given at 114.90 


• In the longer term, the technical structure 

validates a medium-term succession of 

lower highs and lower lows. As a result, the 

resistance at 149.78 (08/12/2014 high) has likely 

marked the end of the rise that started in July 

2012. Strong support at 94.12 (24/07/2012 low) 

looks nonetheless far away

(By Yann Quelenn)

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