Just my point of view about MQL5 Markets

22 February 2017, 05:57
Muhammad Elbermawi


Many sellers here in "MQL5 Markets" add technical tools (indicators, experts ...etc.) with colorful lines and no value, they do not test the validity of technical rules after their tools. They just want to sell something for nothing. I hate that.


However, I cannot blame them about all of this, because many customers do not understand what they do either. They give five stars for indicators that repaint the past, or experts that do not depend on robust trading idea.


Of course, there is some tools with high quality, but not much enough. So it became much harder to know good stuff from bad ones.


"MQL5 Markets" is a great opportunity for selling technical tools, but I hope that both groups – developers & customers – educate themselves more about technical analysis to build better real tools and to evaluate them from the right side.


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