Testing your Trading Strategy

19 February 2017, 11:02
Agnello Hupp

Have you ever wanted to test if your manual strategy is profitable on the long run?

Have you ever wondered if your current strategy is profitable? Or are you tired of spending countless hours in front of the computer just waiting for a trading signal to be generated?

I've spent some years trading manually, using a strategy that I thought it was a winner. I just kept trading sure that eventually that non trending balance (or worse) would soon be pointing upwards. I've read so many books about strategies, about the need of being absent of emotions when trading and how you should be consistent and believe in your strategy. But there is one important thing that these books forget to mention: how can you be sure that the strategy you are currently using is profitable in the long run in the first place? 

Things really started to change for me as I began to code and to test my own trading strategies. Not that I have found the Holy Grail, this is what keeps me motivated, but I've found out that some of the widely known trading strategies worked only on the theory and when faced to rigorous tests on different out of samples they performed poorly. Not to mention real trading.

Coding strategies might not give the answer you were looking for, which may be a robust trading system or expected annual result. Instead, it will provide you with tools to assess through simulation either or not your strategy is a bad performing one.

So, why don't you try to code your own strategy into an Expert Advisor so you can run a simulation, optimize the parameters of your Expert Advisor and let the robot do all the heavy lifting?  

You don't know how to code? I can help you with that!! 

I know from personal experience that not all strategies can be replicated exactly the same way you would do your manual trading, after all there still are some level of subjectivity involved on making a trading decision. Nevertheless, we can still try to be as close as possible to the strategy behavior in a way that we can assess in a objective fashion if your strategy is a winner or not.

So, during the next two weeks I will make a promotional price for you that want to have your strategy coded and optimized.

$ 20.00!

Of course, the price will depend on the complexity of the strategy, which should be discussed beforehand.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

In the next post I will demonstrate how you can be "fooled" by the excess of optimization of parameters, known as over-fitting and I will present some tricks of how to avert it.


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