How To Trade GDP Q/Q Revised Economic News Release?

16 January 2017, 17:23
Ahmad Hassam

If you trade economic news release then you must be familiar with GDP Q/Q Revised.

If you don't trade news, then reading this post is going to help you understand GDP Q/Q Revised.

GDP stands for Gross Domestic Product. GDP is an important economic measure that tells the economic strength of a country.

GDP is measure in percentage change. Q/Q means quarter to quarter. So GDP Q/Q means GDP change from quarter to quarter.

If you want to know more about GDP you can read this post where I explain GDP Q/Q Revised economic news release.

Now the important thing for you to understand is market works on the basis of expectations.

Before the release of each economic news release like this GDP Q/Q Revised market analyst make an estimate.

When the actual GDP Q/Q Revised is released and it is almost same as that expected. There will be little reaction by the market.

On the other hand if the released figures are different than the expected figures, market will react violently and try to adjust.

This is the reason you see market become volatile. Trading this volatility is what makes pips.

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