23 December 2016, 06:08
Chock Hwee Ng

Project Volas Version 2 has been approved and published on 22 Dec 2016.

For those who have purchased, it is now available in the MQL Market for update.

This is considered a major update, hence please update your copy to Version 2 soonest.

Please refer to the "OVERVIEW" section in the product page to see the updated parameters list and descriptions for Version 2.

in a nutshell, version 2 includes the following features and changes:

  • the original algorithm was enhanced and the algorithm is named as "VOLAS HUNTER"
  • a new algorithm was added and the algorithm is named as "VOLAS SHIELD"
  • an option to run both algorithms at the same time and is named as "VOLAS ALL"
  • algorithms are more spread/commission tolerant
  • spread filter is enhanced
  • added option to set allowed slippage
  • added a safety feature to allow you to set a balance amount to protect and stop trading
  • added a safety feature to allow you to set delayed Monday start time (time value follows your broker's time)
  • added a safety feature to allow you to set early Friday close time with an option to close all trades (time value follows your broker's time)
  • added option to enable/disable individual trading days
  • auto lot sizing is now disabled by default
  • auto lot sizing default values have been changed to a more conservative setting
  • removed display panel since it serves no actual purpose for trading
  • codes were restructured for better efficiency

Important Notes for Version 2:

  • each Volas Algorithm will require at least USD$100 deposit (or balance) to run
  • so if you choose to run both algorithms at the same time ("VOLAS ALL"), then you'll need a deposit (or balance) of at least USD$200
  • if you're running multiple EAs on the same account, please ensure you've enough reserved balance amount as recommended above
  • ECN broker with low spread/commission is a must for this EA in order for it to be profitable
  • use of spread filter is at your own discretion. For conservative trading I would recommend to use it
  • please run back tests on your broker to have a good understanding of the behaviour of the algorithms
  • as a conservative approach, I would recommend putting the EA on a demo account on your broker to see how it behaves in your broker's environment
  • if you're going live, start with a small lot size of 0.01 and disable auto lot sizing until you're comfortable with the EA performance
  • again I would like to reiterate that there can be several days that the EA might not trade at all due to no trade opportunities
  • do expect losses from time to time as this EA is not a martingale/grid EA, and hence losses are normal, inevitable and expected
  • this is a long term EA and there might be months of losses and stagnations as seen in the back tests, hence you really need a lot of patience with this EA
  • last but not least, this is not a "get rich quick" EA, hence do set your expectation when using it

Safe Trading...


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