9 November 2016, 22:51
Adesanmi Ajayi


FXprofits Indicator is an extreme analytical technical trend indicator design to provide the possibility to take the accurate decisions about timely market entrances or exits.

Making money has never been so easy! It's Time for You to STOP Wasting Money on Expensive Forex Trading Systems That Don't Work …

Are you one of those who are struggling to make money in forex? Or have you been disappointed with so many "Forex System" who claimed to be the best but came out to be a loser? Then At last you have come To Right Place....Your Search ended here.

FXprofits is for those who are willing to take their trading status to next level, either you view forex trading as investment or an avenue to increase your income more also for new trader who need a system with 90 - 95% signal generating accuracy.

This is great tool for every forex and aspiring traders; trading with FXprofits help you locate trading opportunities. Each signal shows you when to buy, when to sell, and where to set your stops and limits and Exit trade when the green mark appears.

When it’s Show Blue Line Buy, When Its Show Red Line Sell with the Protective stop, It’s So Simple.

This Indicator Never REPAINTS its Buy or Sell Signal Lines. The Unique Features of This Indicator is 90-95% signal Accuracy.


Screen shot evidence

evidence 2

NOTE: The screen-shots provided below are pure evidence of how the indicator works without any manipulation or modification whatsoever.


The theory behind this software is based on evaluating the strength of a particular trend and calculating when to enter the market based on specific mathematical coefficient of price action tricks and other combinations.

Once a signal is observed it then waits for all built in indicator to be in agreement. As soon as everything is in sync the Buy or Sell FXprofits Indicator gives you a line and alert.

Below we added few screenshot of this indicator about how its work on different time frame



When BLUE lines show its means its time to Buy and when RED lines it means time to sell with the protective stops, this enables you to enter or exit a trade at the earliest possible point. It’s So Simple. This Indicator Never REPAINTS its Buy or Sell Signal Lines. The Unique Features of This Indicator is 90-95% signal Accuracy.

By using my FXprofits indicator which automatically adds trading signals to your charts, so that you could make a fantastic instant profit! There is nothing to learn - plug-n-play, and... Free!

With FXprofits Indicator, you will keep making money for you as long as you use it correctly!

The safest way towards a better life is to find a system that consistently gives you financial edge over your present status!! Do you want to earn money consistently? The unique indicator which predicts 90-95% profit and shows the movement of the market in future is presented to you. The successful traders use this tool for profit trade on both short and long term. How to earn from forex market every day?! Trade the Forex Market like a Pro with a Profitable Signals Forecasts System.

The best software in Forex markets has just become available to the public. Now it is your turn to make money! You do not need large sums of money for initial investment with proper account management. Just try FXProfits Indicator and you will start to make money! Guaranteed!

Looking for a Best Forex Indicator with swaggerlicious profits advantage?

v  "FXprofits Buy and Sell Indicator Made Over 100% Profit per Month"

v  Winning Strategy

v  Clear Strategy Rules

v  No Monthly Fee

v  Entry Alert with Pop-up Window

v  Email Alert via SMTP mail Server

v  Open Forex Account > Install > Trade

v  Works on Multiple Currency Pairs

Here's Just "Sneak-Peak" At What You'll Uncover

With "FXprofits Buy or Sell Indicator"!

v  No need to know technical and fundamental strategies just wait for Signal lines to appear

v  No need to calculate pivot point, Fibonacci retracement or projection.

v  No need to purchase membership of other signal provider for months or years.

v  No need to Frustrated Your Mind in finding Forex Strategies.

v  No need to find another way of trading when you lose money.

v  No need to confuse yourself towards forex. Forex is logical market it will be fun if you trade with FXprofits.

Most times in trending forex market many traders fear being caught up in market with possible trend reversal pattern such as divergence, overbought and oversold levels. Many traders (who use the indicators with overbought and oversold levels) face common questions when the indicator/s they use hit/s these overbought or oversold levels – is it the reverse point or not? if not – then when will this reverse take place? Very often, when these indicators hit their overbought or oversold levels it will perform little Fibonacci pull-back, and later the actual price movement continues going up or down. It is true, that it is very hard to predict, when the real reverse will take place. Both, trailing take-profit or stop-loss very often do not help either. And a lot of traders close their trades earlier than necessary. With our FXprofits indicator you can forget about this issue – before the price perform such pull back, it will show you the mark of save exit immediately is some time frame and allow the pull-back, and give you also the new entry point when the price continues going up or down . This helps you to take your profit in full every time.


This indicator is based on a number of things too numerous to mention here but these are the basic ideas behind it

v  Can warn of any strength or weaknesses in the market quite often earlier than they occur

v  Has the ability to identify and indicate trend reversals such as divergence.

v  This indicator is favored by many traders because of the in-built features.

v  It has the ability to identify reversal of the market and to forecast the trend of the currency pair that you are trading in.

v  It is an excellent indicator for determining fake outs and will minimize this problem for you.

There are many different indicators in use for Forex trading today and it can be a problem deciding which is best for you we repeat 96% of reliability! No matter whether you are a complete novice, Newbie or experienced in currency trading, this exciting, low cost, easy to follow trading system, complete with our Custom Forex Indicators will work for you.

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It doesn't matter if it's 2 AM in the morning; you'll be downloading and Trading "FXprofits Indicator Trading System!" within just a few minutes. There's absolutely no risk to you - so what are you waiting for?

The discovery of FXprofits Indicator is a blessing for every trader who are willing to change and stabilize there fortune in forex market. A guide as a result of years of searching, studying, and scouring hundreds of websites, stores, and magazines

This truly is one in a million Indicator that cannot be found offline, or online other than right here. I urge you to click the link below and place your secure order.

Just imagine how much it will cost you to get this consistence indicator for a lifetime

"FXprofits Indicator!" normally sells for $1000, but as part of my quest to help other traders in actualizing their potential in forex market I have decided to reduced it to $300, that’s 70% off the actual market price, this offer limited for those who are willing to seize the opportunity to act now.

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Place winning trades with the pinpoint accuracy of a forex trader. This forex system produces an outstanding win to loss ratio and that simply means more money flowing into your trading account.


Emotional stress is considered one of the biggest enemies in any trading. Traders often find themselves under high pressure when they face the dilemma of whether it is the right moment to enter a trade or not. This stressful pressure grows in case they lose money. Some questions you may have included:

v  When exactly will the next trading opportunity appear?

v  Which currency pair should I be trading?

v  Should I buy or sell, and at which price? 

FXprofits Indicator is design to address and arrest the problems in that it spot market opportunities early and provide you with profitable, easy to follow trading signals access. Our fx signals are intuitive, easy to use and most of all, keep an outstanding winning rate!


The precision trade entry points working in conjunction with the stop loss position indicator shows you exactly where to enter the trade and where to immediately place your stop loss to ensure an absolutely minimum draw down on each and every trade and of course, the exit strategy leaves nothing to chance.


You want to start currency trading profitably as soon as possible and we understand that, so no theory of the market, no padding to make everything much more complicated, simply download and follow the simple yet comprehensive instructions


Nothing else is required! Unlike many other forex products, you even get forex charts. You do not need any other forex tools or a signal service provider to make money.


Trade the majors or the crosses. Whichever currency you prefer this will work for you.

If you are trading the forex market and still can't get your trading right, then you should try our FXprofits indicator designed for MetaTrader Platform for Buy and Sell Signal

FXprofits  Indicator are being used by professional to make profit in Forex Market Easy to use, installation manual is provided, start trading in 5 minute after received


FXprofits indicators are purely manual indicator, means the indicators can only be used manually and not for automated trading.

When we speak about manual trading, the logical understanding of the market and the indicator itself are very important. Because all trades are performed under the logical approach of the trader and the indicators are used just to help the trader in his/her actions. If the trader does not understand the principles of the market and he/she does not understand the indicator/s itself and how to use it/them - it does not mean that the indicator/s is/are bad. It is the trader who is responsible for his/her trades, because his/her personal understanding of the market allows him/her to avoid false signals – not the indicator/s. And this is true not only with Forex indicators – all of us can observe this in many different areas of our life. A simple example – if someone drives a car and has a lot of accidents - does it mean that his/her car is bad? The number of the accidents depends on the driver, not on his/her car. That is the reason why you can see on the roads a lot of cars in very bad conditions, and absolutely the same cars with the same year of production, but looking like new or in approximately perfect conditions. The same rule applies to manual trading. Now, if some indicators produce more false signals then others – that is another discussion.

The simple logic about all these indicators is that some of them are more precise than others. Each indicator is good in the way the trader understands it or in the way he/she wants to use it. Some of the traders use ONLY 1 indicator and they do not want to hear anything about other indicators. Because it is the perfect indicator for them and they are profitable in Forex when they use it.  But in most cases, it is hard to find such an indicator. You should really understand the market and the way the indicator is working.

From a prospective point of view FXprofits indicator is better than many other indicators, because it produces less false signals. We are not saying it is the best. No one can say that this or that car is the best. It is all relative, simply because it depends on the taste of the buyer, his/her personal desire, the way he/she wants to use the car, what he/she needs for/from this car or the necessity of this car – you will not buy a simple 4 passenger car for transporting 5000 kg of stones or bricks, will you? You need a lorry for this.

The fact that this indicator fulfills most of the logical forex observation explained above provides a bigger advantage to the traders. The screen-shots examples above share enough information to show you that the indicator works well. That is why there are NO RETURNS. Please be aware that purchasing this indicator is at the discretion of the buyer so convinced of the above information, if you have additional questions you are very welcome to ask.


This listing is for serious buyers only - NO RETURNS. (The reasons why we do not accept returns is explained in indicator background above – please note that you are buying this indicator for manual trading – this is not an automated system.)

The source code of the product is not supplied with this listing - the code is closed.

Please provide us with your e-mail address and order invoice no. The indicator will be linked to both of them.

We accept PayPal and 2checkout with multiple payment system.

A compact disc (CD) with our indicator will be sent to your post/delivery address within 96 hours after clear payment confirmation. Please provide us with the full delivery address including your name (this information will be kept secret and will not be distributed to any third party for any reason)

If you wish to receive an additional copy of the same indicator electronically, you can request this and the indicator will be sent to you within 48 hours (except weekends and bank holidays) after clear payment confirmation. However you should be aware that electronic delivery is against eBay rules and by requesting it you accept all responsibility derived from your request.


We are professional traders, programmers and analysts with 7+ years of experience.


Since we are selling different types of products, we cannot accept returns on some of them (please read carefully the return policy for each listing). We guarantee that all our products featured on our ebay listings are truthful, original and not coming from any re-distribution. All screenshots featured in our listings are real, and were not manipulated in any manner.

Risk Disclosure:

Trading foreign exchange on margin carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. The high degree of leverage can work against you as well as for you. Before deciding to invest in foreign exchange you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite. The possibility exists that you could sustain a loss of some or all of your initial investment and therefore you should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. You should be aware of all the risks associated with foreign exchange trading, and seek advice from an independent financial advisor if you have any doubts.



A quantity surveyor, project manager and forex trader of 9 years’ experience, Adesanmi is the current managing director of Bloomfield Projects based in Nigeria, Adesanmi enjoyed reading whatever I could find regarding the stock and Forex market which has helped me to become a better trader over the years. My new FXprofits discovery is as a result of hard work and years of thorough research to be a better and successful trader. The discovery has been a huge blessing to my trading over the last 3 years of using it. I feel it will be great advantages if I could share it share it with other wonderful trader out there.

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