Liam Fox likely to be knocked out of the race to be UK Prime Minister today

5 July 2016, 19:37
Sherif Hasan

Voting in the first round of Conservative leadership contest ends at the top of the hour

The candidate with the least amount of support will be removed from the ticket after the votes are counted. It should take less than an hour from the time voting closes.

The 330 MPs in the Conservative party are voting and polls show Liam Fox with the least amount of support.

The other story would be if Michael Gove dropped out. Sky News reports that he will quit if his support is below Andrea Leadsom.

The second round of voting takes place on Thursday. Candidates will continue to be weeded out until there are only two left. At that point, the 150,000 members of the Conservative party will be mailed ballots.

The new leader will take over from Cameron in September.

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