EURUSD D1 (monthly analysis 2016-06, technical side)

2 July 2016, 22:20
oleksandr bilokon


Last month, the couple started with a mark of 1.1130 (Open) sharp growth factors on the fundamental nature and breakdown of key resistance levels 1.1415 and the achievement of the expected goals of purchases (in the middle of Up W1 channel, 76.4 - FIBO).
With the decreased activity of bulls pair entered the boundaries of the key level (Up-cumo indicator Ichimoku), and subsequently a decline rate of implementation of alternative sales targets to 1.1130 (the area Up W1channel, 38.7 - FIBO).
Re-growth of the achievement 1.1426 (High) (the area of ​​76.4 - FIBO) exhausted the active bulls on the way to the (Down W1) and in conjunction with BREXIT-news caused a sharp decline breakdown (Up W1 broken channel, 38.7 - FIBO) and implementation  alternative sales targets to 1.0911 (Low) (district Down W1 broken, S2 MN).
The end of the month in kickbacks from a couple (Down W1 broken) rose to 1.1154 and closed the month 1.1105 (Close) (District Up W1 broken channel, 38.7 - FIBO).

OsMA noted corresponding increase in activity of bulls at the beginning of the month and bears the end. Stochastics oscillator in a neutral state and have direction, up. (See also forecast in June 

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