Australia election this weekend - here's the risk

1 July 2016, 05:57
Sherif Hasan

The big risk is a bunch of politicians will win I guess.

OK ... lets get on with it.

Expectations are that the current government will win the election. But its not as if it'll be a landslide and the Opposition is in with a chance.

It doesn't really matter for the AUD which side wins, there shouldn't be much of an impact.

The real risk is if neither sides manages to suck enough of us in to get a majority - a hung parliament. And another risk is a big decline in votes for the 2 major parties and a string of minor parties getting in (particularly to the Upper House) and holding the balance of power. Brexit, Trump ... developments like these are showing we can't take for granted a vote for the status quo (and by that in Australia I mean either of the two major parites, Tweetledum and Tweetledumber). 

We should have a clearish picture of the broad result by late evening on Saturday (Australia time).

I've been a bit dismissive of the leaders of the two major parties, perhaps unfairly. They have both put up a good fight for their respective sides and good luck to them.

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