Sharing my Trades

12 June 2016, 08:33
Sherif Hasan

When I first launched my educational service in 2013 one of the things I wanted to offer was a way of ‘showing’ people the methods in action during a live market environment.

The simplest way of doing this was to just share my exact trades and then explain them as they played out so that people could see them in action.

Over time the problem with this method of operation was that people became extremely tied up in my positions and started to lean on me very heavily for my trades.

For example, when in a trade I would get constant questions about what I was going to do next or how I saw the trade playing out, and why I hadn’t entered at a better price and so on. I also had people blowing up accounts because they were following my trades but not my advice on how to use leverage etc…

I also suddenly had a strange pressure to always be in a trade, and could no longer just take a few days off to recharge my batteries. People would be wondering what was happening and why I hadn’t taken advantage of some analysis that I had shared.

This type of pressure was not expected or something I was particularly interested in having.

“But the fact remained, the best way to illustrate the methods I use would be to provide real time analysis in the form of trades to show people how they can take advantage of these moves.”

After battling with this for a few weeks the solution came in the form of regular trade calls, without sharing every single trade that I was taking in my own account.

This allowed me to ‘show’ people that this method does make money and that you can trade the markets effectively, but in a much more controlled environment without any pressure on me to personally be responsible for everyone else’s trading account.

I now provide the analysis behind the trade or the ‘reasons’ for trading that particular pair (Which is the most important part) but most importantly a frame work or structure to the trade itself.

For example, very often I will jump into the market unleveraged and with no fixed stop loss on my own account … But this led to problems in the past with people blindly following me leveraged up to the eye balls and blowing accounts. Yes they are stupid, yes they are doing it wrong, but inevitably I feel an element of responsibility.

To combat this the trades now have a ‘technical structure’ which allows for a stop loss and take profit levels to be included for those that do use leverage or are just blindly following with no regard for following my advice.

With this new structure it is possible to follow me into the market but we have an added layer of protection to cater for everyone, while also allowing me the freedom to trade my accounts as I wish with no direct pressure.


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