Market Movers for the Day – Danske Bank

Market Movers for the Day – Danske Bank

9 June 2016, 08:28
Roberto Jacobs

Market Movers for the Day – Danske Bank

Research Team at Danske Bank, lists down the key economic releases from across the globe for the day.

Key Quotes

“In the US today the weekly initial claims figures are due out, which is noteworthy as initial claims on average were 20,000 higher per week in May versus April.

In the euro area, ECB president Draghi is due to speak today. The focus will be on additional comments following last week's meeting. We expect the speech to confirm the patient stance.

In the UK today, ITV is due to stage an EU referendum debate between leading politicians from both the 'remain' and 'leave' camps.

In Denmark, current account and foreign trade data for April is due out today. Denmark has been running big current account surpluses for years, but March actually brought a deficit due to large dividend payments. This is entirely normal for March, however, and we generally also see a strong rebound in the current account balance from March to April.”


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