Looking at What's on the Board - ANZ

Looking at What's on the Board - ANZ

29 April 2016, 06:17
Roberto Jacobs

Looking at What's on the Board - ANZ

Analysts at ANZ offered insights and themse across the board.

Key Quotes:

"EUR/USD is likely to remain sandwiched between competing forces, implying no imminent return of large or persistent trends. That said, downside risks are building once again."

"GBP, however, is looking increasingly cheap. If Brexit polls continue to shift towards a ‘stay’, GBP will react sharply."

"The JPY came close to our year-end forecast. Near term weakness is possible."

"AUD and NZD are elevated, but positioning is long and good news is in the price."

"In Asia, we view recent stability as temporary, though weakness is contingent on a clearer tightening signal from the Fed."

"For China, we expect continued weakness for the RMB basket."


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