XAUUSD weekly analysis 2016-04-week3

25 April 2016, 00:11
oleksandr bilokon

Chart: http://bi0l.blogspot.com/2016/04/xauusd-weekly-analysis-2016-04-week3.html

Flat last week. There was the expected growth of (S1-w), with the correction trend (up H4 broken), then from the breakdown of key levels to weekly resistance levels (R1-w) and the (R1-m) to the test and subsequent return below key levels and breakdown (up H4 broken) almost (S1-w) ..

  Price has gone from 1234.62 (Open) test (up H4 broken) to 1227.55, then increased to High (1270.15), after which it was implemented lowering of breakdown and key resistance levels (up H4 broken) to a minimum 1227.21 ( Low) and completion 1233,69 (Close). (Shooting star at W1). 

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