#BRENT weekly analysis 2016-04-week2

17 April 2016, 23:28
oleksandr bilokon
Analysis (Weekly):
Last week there was a growth rate of (middle of up H4 channel) with a breakdown of weekly and monthly resistance levels (R1-w, R1-m) with an attempt to return to a breach (Historical Up MN broken), and again decrease to (R1-w , R1-m, middle of u H4 channel).

  Price has gone from Open (42.26) of the test (middle of u H4 channel) to Low (41.40), then was made the growth of breakdown resistance levels (R1-w, R1-m) to the maximum High (44,85) and reduced to the (middle of u H4 channel 42,21) and Close (43,01).

Chart: http://bi0l.blogspot.com/2016/04/brent-weekly-analysis-2016-04-week2.html 

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